How To...

Here are seven “How To” videos – it’s about 40 minutes total viewing time. You can click the “Playlist” icon Playlist Icon on the upper right of the video to review any of the 7 Steps.

Step-by-Step Workbook

We also have a 12 page step-by-step workbook PDF to guide you through the entire building process.

Frequently Asked Questions...

If you follow the instructions in my booklet or my videos, you can probably build your very first rod in only 6-7 hours, allowing overnight for the finishes and glues to dry.

I can remember building my first fishing rod over 32 years ago! Instructions were from a short book that was simple and easy to follow (I don’t remember the exact name … something like “Building Your Own Fishing Rod”) from which I fashioned the written instructions and videos on our website. All of that was before the resources available on the internet, which seem not only endless, but also confusing and contradictory!

Our suggestion is to “keep it simple” and build your first rod using only our resources … and have fun doing it. That’s how I’ve crafted my own since the 1980’s … and you know what, I really do “CATCH MORE FISH!”

No and no! I’ve been building them for 32 years without the need for any racks, jigs, turners, etc.

Actually, I do have a couple of suggestions of items you’ll find handy. Masking, a marking pen (like a Sharpie), a few toothpicks, paper towels or rags and a can of denatured alcohol will be needed.

No … but we suggest you invite a friend/family member and buy at least 2 kits! 😉

Yes … we’re real people with real experience and have a real business with real phones! We also return calls and emails within one business day!

Your “Xi” rod blank is covered by a lifetime unlimited warranty. All claims should be made directly to us, The Hook & Hackle Company and cover only the intended use of the rod blank without modifications of length, size or nature. A small fee of $40 is required with the warranty submission. Visit our web site for details or better yet, just give us a buzz before you send anything back, and we may be able to send a replacement after collect the $40 replacement fee.

Experience has clearly shown that fisherfolks who are more immersed in their passion for fishing, including rod building, have more confidence … which directly translates into more productive fishing!

Call: 412-476-8620 during regular business hours, Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm EST, with any questions that you may have. If you leave us a message, we’ll call you back the next business day.

We also have a ‘dedicated’ Rod-Zilla hotline phone for all rod building inquiries related to our new kits. Call anytime: 412-735-5135. Leave a message and I’ll call you back shortly.

And here’s our address:
The Hook & Hackle Company
607 Ann Street Rear
Homestead, PA 15120