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Fishing is great fun … and it’s even more fun when you build your own rod. It’s easy. Imagine the lasting memories you’ll have spending time with a loved one. Building the rod is just the beginning though—not only will you have an instant heirloom, but you’ll also save some money as well as have a sense of pride having built it yourself.

You’ll end up with a rod that will be the envy of your friends … you’ll own one of the finest fishing tools available anywhere … all handcrafted by YOU!

We’ve been servicing rod builders for over 44 years! Our knowledgeable staff is always available each business day (on the weekends, we actually go fishing … we’re “fishaholics,” just like you!), so you won’t be left alone with any questions you might have. We’re just a phone call or email away!

You can build one on a rainy afternoon…

Xi Rod Building Kit

Easy to Build - All Parts Included
$ 129
Complete DIY Kit - Includes Shipping
Great Gift!

Reasons to Build Your Own Rod-Zilla Xi Fishing Rod:

It’s so easy to handcraft an Xi Fishing Rod that frankly, we don’t quite understand why more folks don’t build their own rod!?! Buy one of our kits, add a few learning tips, a little bit of time and a few bits of patience and voila … a hand crafted high end fishing tool (rod) is born! Need more reasons, check these out:

3 Xi Model Rod Building Kits Available:


LIGHT Spinning

Our Light Spinning Rod Building Kit features an all Graphite 6′, fast action 4-piece blank. Perfect for Panfish such as Crappie & Bluegill, Trout and other small game fish. Can be easily stowed for backpacking, travel or convenience.

Options & Upgrades:

Save $50. Limited Time!



Our Medium-Light Spinning Rod Build Kit features an all graphite 7′, fast action 3-piece blank. This rod fishes well for larger Trout, Medium sized Bass and larger Panfish. Also great for travel.

Options & Upgrades:

Save $50. Limited Time!



Our Medium-Heavy Spinning Rod Build Kit features an all graphite 7′, fast action 3-piece blank. Perfectly suited as a “go to” rod for Walleye, Catfish, Bass and is the perfect “all arounder.” Great for travelling.

Options & Upgrades:

Save $50. Limited Time!

Tech Specs

These components, adding about 6-8 hours investment of time, will produce a hand-crafted fishing rod valued at over $500!

Made from a blend of IM7 & IM8 Graphites, this “Xi-S” State-of-the Art blank features a slim butt, small tip and exceptionally smooth Fast Action casting. Beautiful Matte Black finish with Xi silk screened logo. 3 or 4-piece blank with thin walled ferrules will cast and feel like a one piece rod … yet can be easily stowed for easy travel and storage. Deluxe rod bag included.

The IM8 graphite carbon fabric includes both unidirectional and omnidirectional fibers, which provide exceptional strength, feel and overall weight reduction.

We could go on and on … but the bottom line is you will build a state-of-the-art fishing tool. Our 60+ years of rod building experience are all you really need to know about the kits!

We’ve chosen to partner with Fuji, the worldwide leader in rod component manufacturing. Fuji’s commitment to innovation has resulted in a global force that drives the entire fishing industry.

The VSS reel seat and matching “split grip” cork grips are an elegant design combination allowing for secure attachment of your fishing reel, weight reduction, exceptional sensitivity and, of course, they look great!

Each blank has a silk screened label. The line over the rod specifications is a perfect place to add your signature. In addition, with each kit purchase, you are eligible to receive a free custom label from Decal Connection. Please refer to our complete instructions for details.

We’ve chosen 3 distinct, high end, guide set choices for your “Xi” rod.

Option 1: Your first choice is Fuji, which has been the leading manufacturer of fishing rod guides for decades. Their KL and KL-H guides, with an Alconite® ring insert, are light, strong and part of their outstanding series of KR Concept Guides.

Option 2: Or, you can choose Microwave Air™ Slim Ring Line Control System from American Tackle,the most awarded technology in fishing tackle history with a total of 5 worldwide Best of Show innovation awards. These are among the very lightest guides with polished stainless steel rings.

Upgrade: Lastly, you can upgrade your kit to REC’s patented CERECOIL Guides® offer the first combination of a Nickel Titanium frame with a Zirconia Ring insert. The frame offers a light weight, corrosion proof, nearly indestructible, “Shape Memory” Nickel Titanium. This allows the guide to infinitely flex with the blank. This is a true upgrade and will cost an additional $65-70.

LS series of rod finish by Trondak, is cutting edge, advanced state of the art of rod finish. The kit contains our favorite “Rod Bond” to glue your parts together and attach grip, reel seat, tip top and winding check to the blank. The finish included is enough for 2 coats, which will give your rod a luxurious finish. Easy to work with and has a gin clear finish. Two syringes included for accurate measuring.

In the kit, you’ll also find other useful items such as thread scissors, tape measure, tape, rod stand, winding thread and finishing brushes. Although the cork in your kit is mostly reamed to fit the taper of the rod blank, we also include a cork reamer for further tapering. This tool, which can be used to ream dozens of cork and EVA grips, also serves as encouragement for you to build more rods in the future!

Your “Xi” rod blank is covered by a lifetime unlimited warranty. All claims should be made directly to us, The Hook & Hackle Company and cover only the intended use of the rod blank without modifications of length, size or nature. A small fee of $40 is required with the warranty submission. Visit our web site for details or better yet, just give us a buzz before you send anything back, and we may be able to send a replacement after collect the $40 replacement fee.

Who is Rod-Zilla exactly?

We’ve been your source for rod building, flyfishing and flycraft resources...since 1975.

Hook & Hackle CompanyAt Rod-Zilla, a Hook & Hackle brand, we’re a small company of folks who love to fish, build rods and tie flies! We have become an international leader in helping folks to do what we call “flycraft,” which is make their own flies and make their own rods with our help. In fact, we’ve been the #1 source of Fly Rod Building blanks and components for decades! Our web store has become one of the most popular destination for folks ‘fishing’ on the web to purchase the highest quality products available, often at a more reasonable price than our competition.
Known for our outstanding customer service, our staff, with a combined 60 years of rod building experience in fly, spinning and casting, has literally travelled the world in search of the finest materials and components available. All that experience is yours … in each and every one of our all new Rod-Zilla kits!

Nice things people say about our Xi Series Rod Kits...

We’d love to have you featured here. Get in touch and send us your story.

Andy L.
North Carolina
Read More
I LOVE the 5wt, 4 pc Xi Rod. Ron, I have been meaning to write you and tell you how much I LOVE the 5wt, 4 pc Xi rod I made a couple of months ago from your Xi kit! It is the BEST casting rod I have ever used and this includes high end Sage and Orvis rods! I cannot believe how smoothly it casts! I swear that I was casting 60 + feet effortlessly and accurately! Amazing! Your recommendations are right on!
Mark S.
Read More
Just Right! Although I have many more expensive rods I am obsessed with the Xi series. They arent great for the money, they are just great period. The 79 fills the spot between my little 66 that I use for really small water and open water which I usually cover with a 9 rod. Action is fast but easy to load. It is a really nice balance of speed and flex. I can double haul without bottoming out and still pop a short cast exactly where I want it to go. The components in the kit are very high quality. As with all my rods builds, especially the shorter ones, I leave the hook keeper off. Olive silk thread looks gorgeous on this blank!
Jim K.
Read More
Sweetness in a small rod. I build this rod this past winter. First time at building a rod. Couldnt wait to fish this rod. It ranks up there with sage rods. Easy to cast and pin point accuracy. .
Chuck P.
Read More
Exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect this to by my new favorite, but the Xi I build is now my go to rod for most trout fishing. My friends cast it and ask me to build one for them...
Peter B.
Read More
Favorite of mine. Your Xi blanks and kits have been my favorite since their introduction. Unfortunately, your introduction of the Xi finished rods gives my non rod building friends an fishing advantage I was hoping to keep for myself! Darn.
Denny R.
New York
Read More
These are fun. Always wanted one of these but didnt want to spend a lot. Its my first build, looks great and fun to fish. Thanks, guys!
John B.
Read More
Xi Blank – Bought this a little while back, built it in May, and fished it in early June. I must say it is one OUTSTANDING stick! I love the way it casts, fishes, and handles the trout. I truly love this great little rod! Thanks to Ron and crew for providing a superb product at a great price. Their commitment to us fly guys shows, believe me. Thank you.
Griffin L.
Read More
These remind me of the sage XP – I built this rod you didnt build that .... oh wait, yes I did and it fishes like my Sage Easy to control and cast. Had to try it for the price I couldnt resist.

Get it now!

Xi Rod Building Kit

Easy to Build - All Parts Included
$ 129
Complete DIY Kit - Includes Shipping
Great Gift!

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