Xi Series – Option 1

Option 1 contains Genuine Fuji KL and KL-H Guides. These Japanese designed and manufactured guides are among the highest quality rod components worldwide. This particular series of guides in features ALCONITE® ceramic rings. ALCONITE® is a special type of ceramic that offers 80% greatercompression strength and is 20% lighter than conventional ceramic rings. Diamond Polished to superb smooth-ness, ALCONITE® boasts super-low abrasion on any line type. When combined with the Conceptframe the results are unparalleled … 35% lighter and up to 50% stronger than competitive guides. The KL guide frames are stainless steel and designed for the efficient transfer of power to your fishing line, strength and lightness. Suitable for braided lines, mono or fluorocarbon.

In addition, your kit features the Fuji VSS reel seat and “split-grip” matching cork grip components. Chosen for weight reduction and sensitivity, as well as great aesthetics!