Xi Series – Option 2

Option 2 features the American Tackle MicroWave® Line Control System among the most awarded technology in fishing tackle history with 5 worldwide innovation awards. It’s considered one of the most the most effective and efficient line control system ever created, allowing the rod and angler to perform at their best. Combining science and practical application, the MicroWave Line Control System captures and controls line immediately in the first guide and throughout the cast with total line control. The results are improved rod reaction and better angler performance. Polished steel “Slim Ring” with Micro running guides.

Benefits include:

  • Snagless design Zero ring loss Crush Proof frames Reduced guide weight
  • Designed for extreme durability and Performance
  • Zero ring loss
  • Crush Proof frames
  • Reduced guide weight

In addition, your kit features the Fuji VSS reel seat and “split-grip” matching cork grip components. Chosen for weight reduction and sensitivity, as well as great aesthetics!