Xi Series – Option 3 – Upgrade

Option 3 features REC’s patented CERECOIL Guides® offer the first combination of a Nickel Titanium frame with a Zirconia Ring insert. The frame offers a light weight, corrosion proof, nearly indestructible, “Shape Memory” Nickel Titanium. This allows the guide to infinitely flex with the blank. The insert is made of the smoothest, most durable, and wear resistant ring material available today. These guides are nothing short of incredible!

Each CERECOIL guide features a precise groove on the outer edge of the Zirconia Ring insert, allowing it to be held by the NiTi frame, securely locking it in place for the first time mechanically.

This material was originally invented for the US military, to be used in combat situations where corrosion resistance is paramount. (It was intended to use as an underwater knife because it’s virtually impervious to corrosion, but the problem is that it bends; this makes it useless as a knife, but perfect for fishing rod guides! REC licensed the alloy material and with the addition of the Zirconium ring insert, they’ve made it perfect for spinning and casting rod applications.

In addition, your kit features the Fuji VSS reel seat and “split-grip” matching cork grip components. Chosen for weight reduction and sensitivity, as well as great aesthetics!